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folder Linux/Unix Agent (3)
For BRU Server Agent on Linux and Unix platforms (not Mac OS X or Windows)
folder Mac OS X Agent (5)
For BRU Server Agent on Mac OS X
folder Windows Agent (10)
For BRU Server Agent on Windows

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document List of Known Anti-Virus Software that Causes Conflict with the BRU Server Agent
There have been many reports of problems with a few different versions of anti-virus software. The software is known to cause connection problems with the BRU Server Agent during backup operations ranging from disconnections in the middle of a backup to a complete inability for the BRU Server...
2008-12-23 11:12:19 Views: 14193
document Does BRU Server support the ZFS filesystem?
Yes, BRU provides seamless support of the ZFS filesystem. For more information about the ZFS file system, please from the OpenSolaris website.
2008-06-30 13:23:57 Views: 15721
document How to use the 'bruxpat' file for BRU Server
Excluding Files or File Types From Backup The following information applies to BRU, BRU Server, and BRU LE.  For descriptions on how to use this file for each of these products, please refer to the for the appropriate product. Each client system may have a list of parameters that will...
2007-12-04 08:58:08 Views: 15749
document Is it possible to use BRU for client-push backups?
Using BRU for Client Push Client-Server Backups Because of BRU's architecture, it can be utilized as a client application, providing Unix-based systems with the ability to store data on tape drives located on a centralized backup server. This enables both centralized storage
2007-10-02 14:48:09 Views: 10797

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