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folder BRU Server v1.2.0 for Linux (2)
For BRU Server on Linux and Unix - version 1.2.0 installations only.
folder BRU Server v1.2.0 for Mac OS X (10)
For BRU Server on Mac OS X - version 1.2.0 installations only.

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document Using BRU Server with Parallels
Backing up Parallels® Virtual Machines with BRU Server™ One important aspect to Parallels Virtual Machines is that there are two access points for backup and restore. At the host or server level, the BRU Server Agent has access to all of the guest OSes at the image level, while within...
2008-07-25 11:47:13 Views: 14789
document Backing up Virtual Machines with BRU Server
Backing up Virtual Machines with BRU Server One important aspect to Virtual Machines is that there are two access points for backup and restore. At the host level, the BRU Server Agent has access to all of the guest OSes at the image level, while within the guest OSes, the BRU Server Agent can...
2008-07-22 13:06:24 Views: 15146
document Does BRU Server support the ZFS filesystem?
Yes, BRU provides seamless support of the ZFS filesystem. For more information about the ZFS file system, please from the OpenSolaris website.
2008-06-30 13:23:57 Views: 15717
document I keep getting "Error: (0x05:0x3B0E) Medium source element empty" messages on my backups. What does this mean?
I keep getting "Error: (0x05:0x3B0E) Medium source element empty" messages on my backups.  What does this mean? The error (0x05:0x3B0E) is a hardware error that can be broken down into two parts ( are in a specific format, BRU errors can be found in ).  The first part, 0x05...
2008-06-23 12:44:21 Views: 18160
document Can I UpStage a SINGLE Staged archive?
Can I UpStage a SINGLE Staged archive? There is no way in the 1.x product to upstage a single archive directly in the GUI, but you can use the following process from the command line console and a terminal: In the UI: Create a new User Login as that user Run a simple backup to the...
2007-11-06 08:01:00 Views: 9775
document My Library or drive is not seen by BRU Server During the Hardware Scan, why not?
If you are running a Red Hat based distribution, the provided kernel does not scan SCSI LUN's during boot. Please note that this is NOT a BRU Server problem, but rather an issue in the fact that Red Hat doesn't seem to have
2007-11-06 07:39:55 Views: 14966
document How do I create a human readable catalog file from BRU Server?
Note: BRU Server 2.0 users can use the Command Console (File -> Command Console) from within the BRU Server GUI Console to run the commands below. By default, BRU Server catalog files are not human readable, however, if you need a human readable flat-file for viewing, then you can certainly...
2007-11-01 10:46:59 Views: 15212
document Backing up the BRU Server environment with a USB flash drive
Backing Up the BRU Server Environment to a USB Flash Drive With USB flash drives now readily available in sizes ranging upwards to 8GB and more, you can very easily and effectively back up your BRU Server environment.  Backing up the BRU Server environment allows you to very quickly return ...
2007-10-27 20:02:48 Views: 11812
document How do I restore a disk archive from the command line using BRU with BRU Server?
Restoring from BRU Server Using the Command Line During a restore operation from a staged archive, the restore appears to fail and you receive a message that reads: "BRU restore summary not seen from agent; Bad restore?" This in most cases, this is caused by the BRU Server Agent...
2007-10-23 13:47:39 Views: 20217
document My backup stalls shortly after starting, why?
If you're running an incremental or differential backup, the backup will show 'stalled' throughout the backup because the Agent is processing files to determine and find the ones that need to be backed up and the ones that may be skipped. The backup process alone is not stalled, there is just no...
2007-10-15 14:37:35 Views: 10241
document Can BRU Server backup to different tape drives on one system?
Yes. BRU Server can communicate to as many tape devices as your system or the tape device controller (SCSI HBA, Fibre-Channel HBA, USB, FireWire, SAS) can support. In order to do this, you will need to create a new destination for each tape drive.  This will allow you to run multiple...
2007-10-11 11:01:37 Views: 10072
document I have a VXA library and BRU has problems with performing tape changes. Why?
VXA Tape Change Trouble Due to several issues with VXA libraries not changing tapes properly, the following steps must be taken in order to resolve this issue: Update the firmware for your VXA drive. Update the firmware for your VXA library. Under Tools -> Device...
2007-10-03 09:00:16 Views: 10071
document The BRU Server hardware scan hangs
Tape Library Fails to Unload or Hangs During BRU Server SCSI Scan During BRU Server configuration, we must determine how any attached tape drives and libraries are configured on the server system. To do this, the software must load a tape into
2007-10-03 08:57:21 Views: 11858
document Suggested BRU Block & Write Cache/Buffer Sizes and Timeout Settings for Tape Backups
LTO, DLT, SDLT, SAIT, and VXA Drive and Library Configurations Updated: May 14, 2009 BRU Server ships with default settings for the various drive operation timeout values (load, eject, & unload).  However, depending on the type of tape device that you are using, the default values...
2007-10-02 14:51:02 Views: 19953
document Is it possible to use BRU for client-push backups?
Using BRU for Client Push Client-Server Backups Because of BRU's architecture, it can be utilized as a client application, providing Unix-based systems with the ability to store data on tape drives located on a centralized backup server. This enables both centralized storage
2007-10-02 14:48:09 Views: 10795

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