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folder BRU Server (30)
Information and help topics for BRU Server Server, BRU Server Agent, and BRU Server Console.
folder BRU Producer's Edition (25)
Information and help topics related to BRU Producer's Edition (BRU PE).
folder TOLIS Tape Tools (9)
Information and help topics related to TOLIS Tape Tools for Mac OS X.
folder bruCLONE for Mac OS X (15)
Information and help topics for TOLIS Group's Mac OS X disk cloning tool, bruCLONE.
folder BRU Workstation & Desktop (10)
Information and help topics on BRU Desktop & BRU Workstation.
folder Hardware Products (1)
Topics on the bruAPP Backup Appliance and TOLIS Group tape hardware.
folder Discontinued Products
Information and help topics on discontinued products.
folder Non Product Specific Topics (41)
For all questions that do not relate specifically to any of the TOLIS Family of Products.
folder Announcements/News
Announcements and news about TOLIS Group, Inc. and all BRU product announcements.

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document How to get OS X to mount drives on boot rather than login and leave them mounted when you logout
When you logout of Mac OS X or reboot (and have not logged in yet), all locally attached volumes are, by default, unmounted.  This includes FireWire, USB, and other attached drives.  If you use BRU to backup to these drives, then you may experience the . The Mac OS X mount problem has
rating 2007-11-19 10:32:18 Views: 44501
document BRU Messages - Understanding BRU Error Codes and the causes of BRU messages
BRU Messages Search Note: Use your browsers built-in search feature to search for the desired BRU Message. All BRU messages are associated with a number. The message number consists of a single letter followed by three digits. The first letter of the message number indicates the type...
rating 2008-01-04 07:59:36 Views: 41856
document Tape Drive and Cartridge Compatibility Matrix
Tape Drive and Tape Cartridge Compatibility Matrices This article is to clear up confusion and provide information for LTO, DAT/DDS and AIT tape device users about the types of media that can be used in their drives, as well as what abilities the tape drive has when specific media is...
rating 2008-08-21 18:05:35 Views: 39703
document What are the different types of network connections and how fast are each of them?
Network Connection Speeds Curious about just how fast your network should be or what the top speed of different networks are?  Well, here's a short but simple list of the most popular network connection speeds.  These are top speeds and actual connection
rating 2007-10-03 08:34:55 Views: 31896
document Moving from Retrospect? Information that you need to know before using BRU
Troubleshooting BRU Products on OS X Retrospect® is not BRU-Friendly Option 1: If you are coming from Retrospect® 8, many users have reported success of disabling Retrospect® by renaming the application bundle for Retrospect and then rebooting the Mac OS X system. Option 2:...
2007-10-03 08:39:34 Views: 29748
Recent Articles
document Apple SIP prevents access to special folders causing "Permission denied" errors
With the release of Apple's Mojave (10.14) version of macOS, they have taken the filesystem hardening to an extreme configuring certain folder locations as "off limits" for applications - even if those applications are running with root-level privileges.  The result of this is the...
rating 2019-03-05 08:29:08 Views: 1076
document Import Multi-tape archive sets without slow scanning each tape
If you have a multi-tape set that contains a single archive, it is possible to speed up the import.Instead of scanning all of the tapes in a set, only scan the LAST tape in each set.  Once the scan of the last tape completes, you will have tape entries in the Tapes datatable that look...
Not rated 2018-10-03 09:52:42 Views: 1506
document Properly Configure Windows Server 2008 and later Firewall Settings
Windows Server 2008 or later The Windows firewall and security settings are different in the Server platform starting with Windows Server 2008.  Please follow these steps to properly configure a Windows Server platform to enable BRU Server client-server communication. Configure the...
Not rated 2018-07-01 19:52:26 Views: 1655
document Downloading and Installing The Last BRU Producer's Edition 2.3 version
If you do not have a BRU PE 3.x license and are still using BRU Producer's Edition 2.3 on an older variant of Mac OS (10.3.9 - 10.8.5), You cannot install and run BRU Producer's Edition 3.x.  To download and reinstall the last update to BRU Producer's Edition 2.3 on your system, please follow...
rating 2018-05-14 08:49:21 Views: 2139
document BRU Server Reports [W010] Block Sequence Errors During Verify Pass on Multi-Tape Archives
An important note for Users of 2M (2048K) block sizes with BRU Server Recently we have received a number of reports from users witnessing a [W010] Block sequence error being reported for the first file on a 2nd or later volume in a multi-tape
Not rated 2018-05-14 08:24:57 Views: 1952

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